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The concept of food, and eating, is one that is primal and instinctive to us. Whenever we experience a sudden burst of hunger pangs, it’s not always a glass of juice that we crave. It’s probably a juicy hamburger or a large bowl of pasta instead. The concept of solid food is so ingrained into our system that we barely spare a thought towards how it is processed and digested in our bodies. This is why the Raw Juice Diet may, at first, seem a little perplexing. “Only juices for two weeks?”, you may wonder. When you consider how juices affect your health, however, you may find some clarity.

When you first introduce food to your digestive system, your body’s main concern is breaking down the large food particles such as complex starches and carbohydrates, with simpler enzymes and vitamins getting second priority. Your body then either stores away or throws out whatever it thinks it doesn’t need. This will include the fats, remaining carbohydrate components, and whatever nutrients haven’t had the chance to be absorbed by your body. If your diet is composed mainly of unhealthy food, you are most likely to lose all the nourishment through your stool, while the excess fat is stored up as cellulite for future use. Sounds like a scary scenario? That’s because it most definitely is.

When you take up the Raw Juice Diet, you flip the order that your digestive system uses to process its foods. Since the raw juice diet eliminates any saturated fats and unhealthy starches from your diet, your body now focuses solely on breaking down the essential nutrients – vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, protein and roughage – to help flush out toxins from your system and burn fat at a faster rate.

A Delicious Journey to a Revitalized You!

You many now wonder why you need to give up solid food for raw juices when you can simply eat your healthy fruits and vegetables instead? Firstly, healthy fruits and vegetables are highly sensitive in their nutrient content. From the first time you slice open fresh produce to use it, it begins to lose nutritional value at a rapid rate. Every process of cooking – form boiling, to grilling and even frying, further reduces its goodness. Raw juices are the best way to ensure your body doesn’t miss out on any of it vital nourishment. Here are just some of the many benefits that raw juicy goodness can provide:

  1. Bye-bye Toxins and Excess Sugars

The main focus of the Raw Juice Diet is to flush out unhealthy trapped toxins and fats from your system and excrete them from your body. This breakdown and elimination of toxins is actually so intensive that you can feel and see these toxins leaving your body through sweat, mucus, and even moods swings!

  1. Hello, Healthy Vitamins, Minerals and Antioxidants

Your body requires a certain amount of essential vitamins, minerals, proteins and carbohydrates to keep it functioning smoothly. While the first priority for these nutrients goes towards maintaining your internal organs and processes, any excess is then distributed to maintain your hair, skin and nail health. Through this delicious and intensive program, you supply your system with a constant diet of regenerative Vitamins A, C and E, along with iron, potassium, magnesium, calcium etc.

  1. Clean Energy Through Delicious Food Sources

Our body relies heavily on healthy carbohydrates, sugars and fats to help us carry out daily tasks, but these foods also contain saturated fats and unhealthy triglycerides that get stored as cellulite. Once the Raw Juice Diet eliminates the toxins from your body, however, it provides your system with clean bursts of true energy through iys high nutritional content.

  1. Watch the Excess Weight Melt Away

Through the juicing diet, you provide your system with the best vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, antioxidants, starches and sugars in a highly absorbable state. Without any unhealthy foods, these substances propel your body to burn fatty tissue at a faster, accelerated rate. This is why you shouldn’t be surprised when you drop several pounds during the diet without much effort – it’s the Raw Juice Diet doing the work for you!

  1. A Healthier Approach to Life

It is not only your body that undergoes a metamorphosis during the Raw Juice Diet. Since you are now only giving your system clean sources of food and nutrition, you’re no longer bogged down by the cravings and mood swings that unhealthy food brings. Your body can now appreciate the clean goodness of raw juices, and may even reject unhealthy foods, finding it unappetizing. With no toxic-laden food clogging up your system, you are now more alert, refreshed and healthy than ever before!

Moreover, juices are a delicious way to ensure that you get your daily dose of nutritional goodness. If I were to place a heaped serving of vegetables in front of you, you’d likely turn your nose up at it. But a glass of juice is easily gobbled in a few sips, with minimum fuss. And with just 5 glasses of juice a day for 2 weeks, you can transform your outlook towards the way we use food for weight loss!

History of the Raw Juice Detox Diet

If someone had to suggest that you give up your favorite solid foods for two weeks, you’d probably either stare at them in confusion or burst into laughter. Our attachment to food is an intense one, whether we realize it or not. This is why juicing, despite all its many benefits, is still a difficult concept for some people to accept. But would it change your mind if I told you that the Raw Juice Diet has been practiced since the early civilizations?

Recorded texts from the famed Dead Sea scrolls dating back to 150 B.C mention a liquid that was derived from pounded pomegranate and fig. This liquid provided its drinkers with a shot of energy as well as boosted immunity. Since then, there have been numerous recordings of fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices used as a form of medication and therapy. A common way of preparing these medicines and potions was by pounding or pressing the fresh ingredients to extract their healthy juices.

The advent of technology, electricity and cooking and preservation techniques brought a change in the way produce was used. Juices and liquid concoctions were now treated as refreshments or accompaniments to meals, rather than as wholesome foods. This notion quickly changed in the early 1920s, thanks to Max Gerson.

A German scientist, Dr. Gerson developed a diet and meal plan to help in the treatment of cancer patients at the time. This diet, strict and vegetarian in nature, also incorporated the use of raw juices as a means of treatment. Dr. Gerson’s study and research revealed that flushing the toxins out of the body through vegan, raw sources was an effective way of keeping the liver kidneys, intestines and other organs healthy, while keeping your weight under check. The Gerson diet for detox and therapy is one that is still practiced today, while his work continues to be studied and developed at the Gerson Institute.

But the advent of the modern juicer for our juicing needs can best be attributed to Dr. Norman Walker. Carrying on the concept of raw healthy foods proposed by Dr. Gerson, Dr. Walker spent most of his active life researching raw foods to find the best fresh produce to optimize and revitalize our health. His book “Raw Vegetable Juices”, published in 1936, changed the way the world viewed fresh juices and even gave us the Norwalk Juicer. And if you needed more convincing that the Raw Juice diet works, digest this – Norman Walker, also known as the Juicer of the World, lived to see the world for 118 years before he passed!

Since then, the period between the 1950’s and the early 2000’s witnessed a rise in the demand for fresh and healthy juicing options. Promoted by such esteemed fitness and nutritional experts as Dr. Bernard Jensen, Jack Lalanne and Jay Kordich, juicing as a healthy life concept coupled with exercise and proper rest became the ideal way to maintain your health. This interest in juicing also added upgrades to the first Norwalk Juicer, through the Champion juicer, which could juice nearly any vegetable. The best version of the juicer, however, arrived in the 1990’s, when Mr. Kim from Korea introduced the GreenPower Juicer to the world. This juicer took the potency of juices even higher as it managed to press juice out of produce without breaking down its enzymes or nutrients.

The advent of the millennium was also the advent of a new wave of health and fitness in the world. While we may have become indulgent with unhealthy food just before 2000, things are very different today. Since the early 2000’s, the world witnessed a shift from indulgence to paying attention to your health and your body. From knowing what goes into your food to learning how to better process food, the health industry began stressing the importance of raw and fresh foods in daily lives.

One of the most prominent and outspoken advocates for juicing is Dr. Bernard Jensen. He wrote and published “Juice Therapy” in 2000 to discuss the healing benefits of raw juices, effectively changing the modern outlook on juices. Aided by books and novel juice therapies from experts like Jason Vale, and Andrew and Carol West, the 2000’s saw a surge in the interest for the Raw Juice Diet.

Today, the interest in juicing has flourished into a full-fleged industry, with thousands of believers and practitioners. Joe Cross, a popular motivational speaker, found a new lease on life when the Raw Juice Diet helped him lose over 100 pounds and become the healthiest version of himself. Since 2010, he has written books and given many talks encouraging all to try raw juicing. From benefits such as cleaning out your colon, to helping your liver function at a faster pace, the wonders of raw juices have, through history, converted many a naysayer with just a few glasses.